Oscar Nomination 2017: Predictions

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Will La La Land dominate the Oscars or will Moonlight come on top?

If the Golden Globes was any indication, La La Land will sweep once again. However, I don’t think that will be the case. Yes. The Oscar is the time for Hollywood to congratulate itself and La La Land is the easy choice. I think Moonlight will win more awards than it did at the Golden Globes and it will make a bigger impact than people may think. Best Picture could go either way and with the La La Land backlash that is happening, it will be interesting to see if this impacts the Oscars. Before we see the winners let’s predict who will win and who should win for each category.

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A ‘The Conjuring’ Cinematic Universe Could Work

After seeing The Conjuring 2, i’m dying to see a cinematic universe. They are already doing a Annabelle 2 and a The Nun spin off. In addition, the case file of Ed and Lorraine Warren are filled with creepy figures and terrifying situations that could fuel lots of sequels and spin offs. But, could a ‘The Conjuring’ cinematic universe work? READ FULL ARTICLE

Are Sequels Really Slumping At The Box Office?

While the media is freaking out over the new found disease called ‘sequelitis’, more sequels are coming to theaters this weekend. The Conjuring 2 and Now You See Me 2 are looking to be the cure for this so-called movie disease. Things are in fact looking good. The Conjuring 2 is looking to top the box office, and Now You See Me 2 is looking to be the second place. Both of the sequels this weekend are looking to shun away the lone original film, Warcraft. So, does Hollywood really have a sequel problem or is this just with sequels people never asked for?

The problem with saying that Hollywood has a sequels problem or ‘sequelitis’ is that for the most part sequels were doing pretty good at box office. Captain America: Civil War is a sequel and still managed to gather box office success. I can already hear the, ‘but that’s a Marvel movie they always do great at the box office.’ While their sequels do get plenty of money, they do still help the overall picture.

Daisy Ridley in The Force Awakens

Last year, from the top 10 movies at the box office, only 2 original films made it – The Martian and Inside Out. Star Wars: The Force Awakens and Jurassic World, both sequels, were the ones to top the list.

Now, I know that this year sequels didn’t have such a kind and warming receptions. Movies that should have been favorites like X-Men: Apocalypse, Alice Through The Looking Glass, Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle: Out of the Shadows all fell short of success. However, all these titles have a striking similarity – they all received bad reviews. Checking the Rotten Tomatoes of each movie, the highest was Neighbors 2 with a 62% which is still a pretty low number compared to the first. The question then becomes – does it affect the audiences’ decision to go see the movie or not?

The Mad Hatter in Alice Through The Looking Glass

With the film tickets getting more and more expensive, audiences are waiting to spend that money on that excellent movie. Your average movie-goer will go to the theaters once a month, so is he looking at reviews to make their decision? I’m not saying that it will always for sure, but there must be a connection.

Franchises like Captain America, Star Wars and Jurassic Park shouldn’t have a problem in the coming years, but I would be weary of making sequels of big box office success. Audiences have developed a trust issue with sequels and critics have given them such a bad name that a sequel is no longer an easy cash grab like it once was. With everything as of now, I think it’s still safe to say that ‘sequelitis’ isn’t a contagious disease, for now.

Do you think Hollywood has sequelitis?

Top 5 directors for the Captain Marvel movie

Brie Larson as Captain Marvel? That’s how it is looking like as of now. The Oscar winning actress is the front runner for the role. Now, fans were rooting for Emily Blunt as her career has yet to break through. A big role like this would have been a great gift for the wonderful actress she is. However, things are not looking like going her way. Maybe next time Emily Blunt. Although, I myself was rooting for Emily Blunt, Brie Larson does not seem like a bad idea.

Other surprising news from Marvel is the directors they are eyeing to direct this female superhero. As of right now, indie darlings Niki Caro and Jennifer Kent are the most-likely to direct this film. However, I prepared a list on my thoughts for who should be the director for Captain Marvel. One thing that i’m excited for is that Marvel is looking into a female director something that not a lot of studios are considering. Kudos on that Marvel!

5. Niki Caro 

This director has made many indie fans proud with films like McFarland, USA and Whale Rider. One thing is for certain, Caro is a fabolous director. However, the reason she is number 5 is i’m doubting her ability in directing fight scenes which are a pivotal part in a superhero movie like Captain Marvel. If they do picki her, i’m hoping to be surprise.


4. Karyn Kusama 

Kusama is a director Hollywood keeps ignoring. With her hits like Girl Fight, Jennifer’s Body and her most recent and hands down her best movie to date, The Invitation. I have yet to understand why she is not considered for more bigger projects. I believe she would make a good Captain Marvel coming off her best film. She has the momentum and she should be ready to direct a big movie soon.


3. Ava DuVernay

After Selma, people were saying DuVernay was going to be a force in the movie world. However, she has refused Marvel’s Black Panther and just is not making any stride forward. Captain Marvel would be a perfect opportunity to make those wrongs right.  However, the question remains if she would want to make that movie that she no doubt has the talent for.


2. Katheryn Bigelow

The Zero Dark Thirty director has an untitled project coming in 2017 according to IMDb. Nevertheless, Bigelow would be a perfect director for Captain Marvel. She proves time and time and time again that she can make marvelous movies. The MCU seems to be going in a more dark direction and I feel like Bigelow could perfectly capture that tone.


1. Jennifer Kent

All in all, I believe Kent is the best director for this movie. I’m dying to see more movies of her after her brilliant movie, The Babadook. Marvel would miss a big oppurtunity if they do not bring her in as a director. The Australian would do an awesome job with this movie just like James Wan did with Furious 7.


Do you agree with this list? Who do you want to direct the Captain Marvel movie. 



Should Mystique Get An X-Men Solo Movie?

After the box office and the Rotten Tomatoes critics were not kind to X-Men: Apocalypse, the X-Men franchise is not looking so good. Still, Bryan Singer and Simon Kinberg are staying hopeful and have been talking about a Mystique solo movie yet again. They were both kinder then the average audience to Jennifer Lawrence. X-Men fans have been complaining about Lawrene portrayal of Mystique. From the lack blue skin to the lost of lizard-like movements, audiences have lots to say to the blue mutant. Just as the audience were ready to forgive Lawrence for her amazing action scenes in X-Men: Days of Future Past, JLaw was criticized for her uninspired performance in X-Men: Apocalypse. The question now is would a Mystique solo movie benefit with the audience’s love and hate relationship with Jennifer Lawrence’s Mystique?


If you would have asked me if I wanted a Mystique solo movie in the era of the 2000s X-Men, I would have said “yes please.” However, I knew the character was not as popular as it is now and if you would have asked the same question to a broader audience, it would of probably been a negative response. The character only grew in popularity as the franchise advanced.  Now, if we asked audiences if they wanted a Mystique solo movie after Days of Future Past, then you would have gotten a lot more people on board. Mystique had some awesome action scenes and her story was fascinating. Too bad, Lawrence could not bring that momentum into Apocalypse. JLaw looked like she did not want to be there. She had nothing to do in the film and she looked like Katniss in The Hunger Games.

Do I want a Mystique solo movie? My answer is still yes. Do I want Jennifer Lawrence to star in it? That is where it gets tricky. I would certainly want Lawrence to star as Mystique from Days of Future Past and not Katniss from Apocalypse. I would not mind seeing one Mystique movie where she has some fight scenes and storyline that differs from the X-Men films. However, I believe the best answer to the question is bring back Rebecca Romijn as an older version of Mystique. Have it set in the future and make a compelling story for her character to bloom. I would love a movie where it would focus on the relationship of Mystique and Nightcrawler. And of course, they would need to bring back Alex Cummings as Nightcrawler. I feel a lot of fans would be dying to see Rebecca Romijn return as Mystique. I’m sure there is an X-Men storyline for her character that has not been explored in the movie.

13 Mystique.jpg

A Mystique movie would be no doubt a risky movie. Audiences have this on and off relationship with the character. However, I believe having a solo movie would still be a great idea. The movie just needs to have Mystique shape-shift and fight a lot. These are the main reason why X-Men fans have loved the character. She has such a cinematic super power that should be used more in…there I say…her solo movie?

What do you guys think? Should there be a Mystique solo movie? If so, who should star?