The Sunday Seven: Best Horror Sequels

Sequels always get some hate. That is mostly because sequels are associated with money. The first movie needs to make an impressive amount of money for there to be a sequel. This is the case with the two movies coming out this week, The Conjuring 2: The Enfield Poltergeist and Now You See Me 2. Looking at Box Office Mojo, the movie they predict is going to get more is The Conjuring 2. I’m really hoping that The Conjuring 2 is going to be a wonderful sequel. With this information, this week i’ll be ranking the seven best horror sequels. Let’s begin!

7. Halloween H20: 20 Years Later (1998)

In my opinion, this is the best Halloween sequel. Although I did love Halloween II, I found H20 to be more creative and an overall better movie. Jamie Lee Curtis’ return to the franchise was breath of fresh air. Also, the fact that they finally closed the franchise for good was a bold move. However, it was then revived in Halloween: Resurrection. I’ll keep that one for the worst horror sequels list.


6. Insidious: Chapter 2 (2013)

One of the movies which I do not agree with the critics. The first Insidious was and still is the best modern horror franchise. James Wan’s old school scares with a modern twist is brilliant. He keeps it Insidious: Chapter 2. The performances are what grounds the movie because without it the movie would be silly. However, it never gets to that point because James Wan’s direction is smart.


5. Aliens (1986)

It is still an on going debate if Alien or Aliens is the better movie. Still, we can all agree that Aliens was a great sequel to a great movie. There is no denying that Sigourney Weaver still remains one of cinema’s strongest female hero, if not the best.


4. Evil Dead II (1987)

The original Evil Dead was so good. It had just the good amount of comedy and horror. So, it was to my surprise that Evil Dead II’s tone was perfect. Sam Raimi has mastered his tone and delivered a great sequel.

Evil Dead 2 cast.jpg

3. Dawn of the Dead (1978)

For me, this is George Romero’s best film and it is his second film of his zombie franchise. The film’s critique of religion and consumerism  is perfect executed. The story and the setting are way better than Night of the Living Dead. For his time, Romero was ground breaking and I commend him for that.


2. Scream 2 (1997)

With all the sequels in the ’90s, Scream is by far the best one. We have some hit new lows like Friday the 13th’s Jason Goes to Hell. However, Scream came back strong with his second entry. Wes Craven perfectly captured once again the meta commentary of what horror movies had become.


1. A Nightmare On Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors (1987)

After that horrible Nightmare On Elm Street 2, director Chuck Russell revived the franchise with his third movie. He brought back Heather Langenkamp and made other interesting characters. Freddy Krueger was once again his creepy comedic self. This was Nightmare’s franchise’s better days.


What is your favourite horror sequel? 


The Sunday Seven: Director Denis Villeneuve Movies

Denis Villeneuve is a French-Canadian director who has directed Prisoners and most recent, Sicario. He is starting to get the recognition he deserves. He is the director set to direct the new Blade Runner 4 movie and just recently announced his movie The Son which will star Jake Gyllenhaal. Villeneuve started out making French-speaking films until he made his first English language film, Prisoners. His English language film debut has well received by both audiences and critics. Like all his movies, critics seem to adore his style. He is not afraid to go dark and psychological. It is no surprise that Villeneuve has stated Alfred Hitchcock, Roman Polanski and David Cronenberg as his influence. Some also draws comparison to David Lynch when Villeneuve’s movies sometimes go to more surrealist places. Either way, I have fallen in love with his style of movies. His mixture of dark surrealist psychological film making is just what I want to see in today’s movie theatres.

Since I know many of you do not necessarily know who is Denis Villeneuve, I will be ranking his 7 best work as of right now. The list may include short films and movies as Villeneuve has done both. If you have not watched one his movies, you are seriously missing out. Let’s begin!

7. Incendies (2010)

Marked as his first breakthrough film, I personally believe this to be his least interesting movie. However, this movie went on the win multiple awards. I guess only a good director can take a really boring and repetitive storyline and make an incredible movie.


6. Next Floor (2008)

In this short film, Villeneuve really channels Lynch and Cronenberg. Although there is no dialogue, no dialogue is needed to convey the message of consumer culture. Sharp and dark, this short pin points society’s consumer problem.


5. Polytechnique (2009)

A gut wrenching true story based on the massacre of women in the École Polytechnique de Montréal. This movie showcase the emotion and just how misogyny can become violently real. The emotions he was able to create without exploiting and glorifying the situation was magnificent.


4. Maelström (2000)

One of Villeneuve’s first film, this is another film where he demonstrate just how weirdly good his movies can be. Strange and bizarre, this is still one of his best work.


3. Enemy (2013)

Grim but beautiful, Enemy is another complex movie where nothing is straightforward. Villeneuve visits back to his older days because this very a surreal and artsy film with an unconventional story.


2. Sicario (2015)

Sicario is a grim and very sad movie that showcase just how the world can be. This has to be his darkest movie yet. This and Polytechnique proves that he can produce some emotions in almost every scene. After seeing this one, it felt so wrong to live in such a dark world.


1. Prisoners (2013)

His English movie debut has to be my favourite. It was such a surprise for me because this was his first movie that I saw. His signature grittiness is really at the centre of this movie and it is what makes it so great.


Have you seen any of Denis Villeneuve’s movies? If so, what did yout think?

The Sunday Seven: X-Men Movies

I will be starting a new weekly segment called The Sunday Seven where I talk about a specific movie theme. This segment will be each Sunday and it is just to have a conversation about that specific movie centric theme.

For those of you who do not know, I am a huge X-Men fan and super excited for Friday where I will be seeing X-Men: Apocalypse. So, in celebration of the new X-Men movie, I will be ranking all 7 X-Men movies. Let’s begin!

7. X-Men Origins: Wolverine

This has to be the worst X-Men movie ever. I have no idea what is worst the action movie clichés, the bad CGI or the terrible green screens. I can’t believe they screwed up one of the best X-Men storyline. Oh, and don’t get me started on the third act and “Deadpool.”


6. X-Men: The Last Stand

The worst thing in this movie is the poor usage of the cure. They literally strip away mutants of their powers for nothing. They do not use that to further the story. Here the two storylines were mashed up in a very sloppy way.


5. The Wolverine

Yeah, Wolverine movies have not been great. This movie is a solid ok. I really liked the villain and the setting, however, the romantic aspects of the movie were very forced and looked out-of-place. I felt like the movie didn’t have to be 2 hours and 15 minutes long.


4. X-Men: First Class

Not the strongest X-Men movie, but First Class is the movie that saved the franchise. The new cast is a breath of fresh air and I loved that the movie is set in the ’60s. Having more Mystique, Professor X and Magneto was a really good move. The thing I liked more about this film was the integration of real events in the mutant storyline.


3. X-Men

This is a rare case where the first movie is not the best one. Don’t get me wrong though, I loved the original X-Men, but the writing was a bit off. However, everything else was really good. The introduction of the characters were well done and when they worked together, that’s when the movie really shined.


2. X2

The sequel was just better than the original. More mutants were introduced and that Nightcrawler opening scene was fantastic! The story was better and again I loved that all the mutants were working together. It’s just an excellent sequel.


1. X-Men: Days of Future Past

Bryan Singer’s homecoming is the best X-Men movie of the franchise. The story was complex and surprisingly well done. The past and the future scenes were equally interesting. Not one time did I get bored or wanting them to go back the past. Also, Bryan Singer did a really gutsy thing – he erased some of the other X-Men movies. Now that needs a pad in the back.


How would you rank the X-Men movies? Which one is your favourite?