‘Personal Shopper’ Review: Kristen Stewart Stars In An Unconventional Ghost Story

Film Review Personal Shopper
source: IFC Films

Kristen Stewart and Olivier Assayas deliver something you haven’t seen before

Another ghost story is not something the cinema world is in need of right now. The Paranormal Activity franchise has killed the genre, put it in a coffin and nailed the door shut forever burying it six feet under the ground. For director Olivier Assayas to dig it back up, there needs to be a fresh idea there. Not only is Personal Shopper a bright idea, its plethora of genres makes this a unique experience.

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Film Inquiry – UNFORGETTABLE: A Sexist, Generic Thriller


Oh, where, oh, where has the erotic thriller genre gone. It had usually been divided into three categories. The first being the sophisticated type, with movies like Eyes Wide Shut and Dressed To Kill. These types of movies have an exploration of our sexual needs and obsessions. The second is the “fun variety”, with movies like Cruel Intentions and Basic Instinct. These types of movies have an interesting mystery and great suspense to keep you interested. Then, we have the third category, the “bad variety”, where Unforgettable and When The Bough Breaks fall. These movies tend to use familiar tropes in hopes that you haven’t seen any other erotic thriller.

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14 Summer Movies You Need To See


Everything you need for a fun summer movie experience

For every movie fanatic, summer is like an extra long birthday. This is the time studios release their most anticipated films. It can range from big summer blockbusters to highly anticipated indie movies. As the weather is getting warmer so are the movies. Every year we see more and more movies added to the summer lineup and this year is no different. Marvel and DC are both releasing their superhero movies while FOX is releasing its Alien prequel. Universal is releasing its highly anticipated Mummy movie and its indie darling, The Beguiled. As it is impossible to see all the movies, this guide will highlight everything from big budget to small budget movies that you need (or I strongly recommend not skipping) to see this summer.

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‘The Fate of the Furious’ Review: The Eighth Film Doesn’t Have Enough Absurdity To Be Entertaining

Source: Universal Pictures

The Fate of the Furious turns to character drama forgetting what made it famous in the first place

Absurdity, The Fast and Furious‘ cup of tea. We’ve all accepted the fact that these movies don’t make a lot of sense. They get out of fiery cars, rolling car crashes, and burning buildings without one scratch. It doesn’t make much sense, but we love it anyway. The fast-paced action, the head bobbing soundtrack and the cool cars are all aspects we expect to see in the latest installment. For a franchise built on such absurdity, The Fate of the Furious sure lacks of it.

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Film Inquiry – THE DISCOVERY: A Failed Attempt At An Interesting Idea


Netflix has been trying to get in the movie game for a while now. They sent out plenty of well-made and entertaining shows like Daredevil and Stranger Things, and now, they want to make the big ones. However, their attempt to get into the movie business hasn’t been successful as of late. Recently, Netflix hired big name talent in hopes that it will change their bad fortune around. As competently made as The Discovery is, though, the movie follows suit with every other Netflix movie in the past.

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’13 Reasons Why’ Review: Netflix’s New Controversial Teen Drama Is Surprisingly​ Mature


Netflix dives into murky waters with Jay Asher’s teen suicide drama series, 13 Reasons Why

Netflix’s new show may be its more controversial series yet, and it should be expected. 13 Reasons Why deals with dark, sensitive themes about death, loss, bullying, rape, and suicide. It follows Clay Jensen (Dylan Minette) a young, quirky teen boy who receives a box with 13 tapes all narrated by his co-worker Hannah Baker (Katherine Langford). The thing is that Hannah has recently committed suicide and these tapes highlight her tragic story. Even as the subject matter gets increasingly difficult to digest, 13 Reasons Why is chocked full of interestingly complex characters, relationships, and problems that need to be seen.

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‘The Zookeeper’s Wife’ Review: Jessica Chastain Glimmers In Untold WWII True Story


A zookeeper’s sad and empowering story is brought to screen with a terrific performance by Jessica Chastain

World War II, a difficult subject for most yet a story Hollywood always continues to tell. Not to say that reminding people of history is bad; indeed we must be remembered in order to not duplicate this horrific and terrible tragedy. There are plenty of untold stories to be told from many points of view. Hollywood has continually told Holocaust stories from a man’s point of view. The Zookeeper’s Wife is here to show us this terrible tragedy once more but this time with a fresh new twist – a heroic woman’s point of view.

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