‘Raw’ Review: A Gory French Tale About Cannibalism And Female Sexuality


Julia Ducournau directs a disturbingly delicious feminist cannibal indie film

Barfing, fainting and disgusting are probably the words that people used to describe Raw when it premiered at the Toronto Film Festival last year. Although some might say it is, for the most parts, it’s not the disgusting gore fest you might have heard of. Not to say that it isn’t all those things but this French horror film works on a much deeper level. Raw challenges society’s views of female sexuality and fills its story with rich symbolism all while eating raw flesh.

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‘It Comes At Night’ Review: Joel Edgerton Faces A Moral Dilemma In This Breath-Taking Post-Apocalyptic Horror-Drama


It Comes At Night is eerie, emotional and an impressive sophomore film from director Trey Edward Schults

The horror genre has always been overlooked by critics. In the 1980s and 1990s, the preoccupation with entertaining teens took center stage instead of the craft and art that had made them so popular in the 1960s. The genre finally hit rock bottom in the 2000s seeming to never be touched ever again. Just when things weren’t looking good for horror, the genre went back to its roots and has now transcended beyond restrictions. It Comes At Night is the by-product of such experimentation. Its unconventional ways and its fearlessness to push boundaries would make Alfred Hitchcock proud. However, It Comes At Night also isn’t there to please its audience making it a daring, unpredictable and emotional ride.

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‘Alien: Covenant’ Review: Ridley Scott Produces A Predictable Yet Effective Prequel Sequel


Ridley Scott continues to dazzle fans of the Alien franchise with a return to classic

The charm of the Alien franchise is that it can be anything. It follows suit with its beloved multifaceted creature – the Xenomorph. Alien was a suspenseful horror-sci-fi hybrid that was unlike anything before. Aliens was a full on action adventure movie that was loads of fun. Alien 3 was a shaky thriller that could have been better. Alien: Resurrection was a silly 80s-like action movie with too much on its sleeve. And Prometheus was a clear cerebral sci-fi with interesting questions. While shades of Prometheus are present, Alien: Covenant successfully merges Alien and Aliens to create an ambitious film that will please all sides of the equation.

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‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2’ Review: James Gunn Delivers Yet Again With A Good Sequel


While not as fresh as the original, Vol. 2 surprises yet again with great banter and new characters

The first Guardians of the Galaxy surprised almost everybody watching. With a bunch of new characters, it shouldn’t have been that great but it was. Marvel found a way to make the viewers embark on a journey they had no idea where the destination would be. Let me tell you, they found gold. I fell in love with the ragtag team made up of a talking raccoon and a big tree that only knew three words. They didn’t pave an easy way for Vol. 2. Despite it not being as good as the original, the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 is still loads of fun, packed with laughs and over abundantly cute.

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Film Inquiry – UNFORGETTABLE: A Sexist, Generic Thriller


Oh, where, oh, where has the erotic thriller genre gone. It had usually been divided into three categories. The first being the sophisticated type, with movies like Eyes Wide Shut and Dressed To Kill. These types of movies have an exploration of our sexual needs and obsessions. The second is the “fun variety”, with movies like Cruel Intentions and Basic Instinct. These types of movies have an interesting mystery and great suspense to keep you interested. Then, we have the third category, the “bad variety”, where Unforgettable and When The Bough Breaks fall. These movies tend to use familiar tropes in hopes that you haven’t seen any other erotic thriller.

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‘The Fate of the Furious’ Review: The Eighth Film Doesn’t Have Enough Absurdity To Be Entertaining

Source: Universal Pictures

The Fate of the Furious turns to character drama forgetting what made it famous in the first place

Absurdity, The Fast and Furious‘ cup of tea. We’ve all accepted the fact that these movies don’t make a lot of sense. They get out of fiery cars, rolling car crashes, and burning buildings without one scratch. It doesn’t make much sense, but we love it anyway. The fast-paced action, the head bobbing soundtrack and the cool cars are all aspects we expect to see in the latest installment. For a franchise built on such absurdity, The Fate of the Furious sure lacks of it.

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Film Inquiry – THE DISCOVERY: A Failed Attempt At An Interesting Idea


Netflix has been trying to get in the movie game for a while now. They sent out plenty of well-made and entertaining shows like Daredevil and Stranger Things, and now, they want to make the big ones. However, their attempt to get into the movie business hasn’t been successful as of late. Recently, Netflix hired big name talent in hopes that it will change their bad fortune around. As competently made as The Discovery is, though, the movie follows suit with every other Netflix movie in the past.

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