‘Wonder Woman’ Review: Patty Jenkins Rescues The DCEU With A Fun Female-Led Superhero Movie


The DCEU badly needed a win and Patty Jenkins delivers big time

Female-led action movies are still having a hard time at the box office. Ghost In The Shell is the recent film to fall victim to such a pattern. These movies make significantly less than male-led action movies and are still considered a gamble to make. With the DCEU’s latest movie streak, they desperately need a movie both fans and critics can agree is good. Wonder Woman is not only the DCEU’s first good movie, it may also be this summer’s best superhero movie.

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14 Summer Movies You Need To See


Everything you need for a fun summer movie experience

For every movie fanatic, summer is like an extra long birthday. This is the time studios release their most anticipated films. It can range from big summer blockbusters to highly anticipated indie movies. As the weather is getting warmer so are the movies. Every year we see more and more movies added to the summer lineup and this year is no different. Marvel and DC are both releasing their superhero movies while FOX is releasing its Alien prequel. Universal is releasing its highly anticipated Mummy movie and its indie darling, The Beguiled. As it is impossible to see all the movies, this guide will highlight everything from big budget to small budget movies that you need (or I strongly recommend not skipping) to see this summer.

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‘Patriots Day’ Review: America’s Narcissism Wrapped In An Exploitive Boston Marathon Movie


Peter Berg feeds into America’s narcissism and heroism with his take on the Boston Marathon

If there was a sense of deja-vu when you saw the trailer for Patriots Day, it’s because that Peter Berg and Mark Wahlberg have already done a similar movie not long ago dealing with the Deepwater Horizon tragedy. Coming back with his second tragedy action movie, Peter Berg stuffs as many American symbols as he can and paints a glossy over the top picture of American heroism ultimately leading the movie to fall flat.

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Oscar Nomination 2017: Predictions

BeFunky Collage_70.jpg

Will La La Land dominate the Oscars or will Moonlight come on top?

If the Golden Globes was any indication, La La Land will sweep once again. However, I don’t think that will be the case. Yes. The Oscar is the time for Hollywood to congratulate itself and La La Land is the easy choice. I think Moonlight will win more awards than it did at the Golden Globes and it will make a bigger impact than people may think. Best Picture could go either way and with the La La Land backlash that is happening, it will be interesting to see if this impacts the Oscars. Before we see the winners let’s predict who will win and who should win for each category.

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Top 10 Best Horror Movies of 2016


There’s was a lot of great horror movies this year

Whoever said that the horror genre is dying is just plain wrong. If they want evidence then show them this list. The horror genre is probably in a healthier state then back in the 1980s. We are getting high budget and original horror movies something that didn’t happen back in the 1980s. We got a lot of different kinds of horrors and not just supernatural ones. The horror genre is going through a resurrection and it is the genre to look forward to in 2017. But before looking at 2017, let’s take a look back at the best horror movies of 2016.

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‘Sing’ Review: It’s More About The Characters Than The Songs


Sing’s characters carry the movie, but it doesn’t live up to its name

Illumination is becoming quite a force to be reckoned with. Just short of Pixar and Disney, it continues to grow each and every movie. Using the minions as a selling point is working and continues to. Illumination’s second movie of the year has a great cast and some great characters, but the ‘teeny bopper’ type song covers make the songs unmemorable.

The once successful Moon Theatre was the host of some amazing plays. However, now it’s becoming a quite a dump. The owner of the theater, Buster Moon (Matthew McConaughey), has failed to make a single successful gig.

One day, he comes up with the idea that could save his decaying theater, a singing competition. Johnny (Taron Egerton), Rosita (Reece Witherspoon), Ash (Scarlett Johansson), Mike (Seth McFarlene) and Meena (Tori Kelly) all give it a shot hoping to achieve their dream. Along the way, they find out that their dreams may require more sacrifices than they may be ready to deal with.

Buster Moon is perfectly voiced by Matthew McConaughey

For a movie named Sing, it’s quite surprising that the singing is not the most exciting part. The characters are the real stars as they steal the show more than once. Each character is given a very human reason as to why they want to participate in the singing competition. The passionate and optimistic koala bear is beautifully voiced by a vibrant Matthew McConaughey. Taron Edgerton and Scarlett Johansson also give terrific performances as a gorilla trying to escape a difficult life and a wanna-be front singer porcupine. Each is given interesting stories, and those stories do carry the whole movie. To make your audience fall in love with every character is a hard thing to achieve and fortunately, Sing realizes just that.

Not so memorable are the songs which are lacking. Actually, the songs are pretty terrible. Playing off the same mediocracy of Trolls‘ songs, Sing transforms well-known songs to a Mini-Pop Kids’ special. Almost every song is glossed over with techno beats and autotune making “I’m Still Standing” by Elton John almost unbearable. Worst is that the whole singing competition gimmick (apart from the auditions which were funny) feels like fillers.

It is only when director Gareth Jennings (Son of Rambow) finds a way to weave in the characters’ stories into its central singing competition plot that the story starts to shine. It makes up for the fact that the singing is mediocre. In the end, it’s not about the singing competition but about a group of people (or animals) fighting against the various obstacles to attain their dreams.

From all that Sing has working against it, it does end up working, and there are moments of pure brilliance, but one should wish for more from a studio which is currently up there with Pixar and Disney. The characters all work in their own ways, and you feel for them through their ups and downs. If you can get past the fact that a movie called Sing doesn’t have any great songs, then just like me, you will enjoy this film.


Top 10 Worst Movies of 2016


Not all the movies I saw were amazing, but these 10 movies should never be watched again

I love watching movies, and I love reviewing movies, but when the movies are this terrible, then it’s no longer fun. I saw some pretty bad movies and these are the bottoms of the filmmaking barrel. These are the movies that I wanted to walk out of the theaters but sadly did not. I endured these films, and now I’m here to tell you which movies to avoid next time you decide to watch a movie.

Dishonorable Mentions:

10. Now You See Me 2


The first one was bad. The second isn’t any better. Now You See Me 2 uses mindless magic that aims for shocking and settles for stupidity. Not one magic trick in this movie is real, and it shows. The final “magic” trick is so over the top, and it leaves the film feeling like a huge waste of time.

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9. It’s Only The End Of The World


The only movie to make my most disappointing movies list and my worst movie list, It’s Only The End Of The World is confusing, pretentious and lazily shot. The over-reliance on close-ups fails on multiple levels, and it wastes its incredible cast.

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8. Pride Prejudice and Zombies


Based off the best selling book, Pride Prejudice and Zombies fails to become cinematic. When adapting something that has been done better, rely on the thing that differentiates it from its predecessor. Here, it’s the action scenes which are poorly shot and almost non-existent.

7. The Forest


January horror movies are never good. The Forest fits perfectly in that category. The famous Japanese suicide forest could make a great horror movie, but here the terrible twist and rushed final act leaves The Forest feeling hollow.

6. The Purge: Election Year


For the third Purge franchise, the third time was not the charm. Election Year was silly, over the top and it failed to capitalize on an okay sequel. If they do another one of these, being subtle goes a long way.

5. Shut In 


Another horror movie with a terrible twist. Noami Watts disappoints in a rather great year for horror films. Shut In starts off confused, not knowing where to go, and eventually becomes just another boring horror movie about people investigating strange sounds.

4. Careful What You Wish For


Generic, flat and predictable, Careful What You Wish For is that mediocre teen thriller no one asked for. Nick Jonas tries his best while Isabelle Lucas gives a cartoonish and sexist performance. The forced symbolism and – again- horrible twist ending makes you want to forget that you even watched this.

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3. When The Bough Breaks 


Following in the footstep of The Perfect Guy, When The Bough Breaks is just another attempt to take your money. Everything has been done better elsewhere hence the uselessness of this movie. I could have done without seeing this one.

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2. The Fifth Wave 


The YA movies are slowly dying out. Divergent has official die and now The Fifth Wave failed to make a compelling story. Actually, they made a very very atrocious movie. There is a lot of terrible twist in my worst of list, but The Fifth Wave tops the list. It was such a poorly placed twist that it officially flushed away an already shitty movie.

1. God’s Not Dead 2


No, you cannot get sued for saying”Jesus” in the classroom. But God’s Not Dead 2 would have you believe that. Everything in this movie is what I don’t want in my religious films. Agenda driven, God’s Not Dead 2 paints the false picture that Christians in the United States are persecuted. Top that absurdity with cheesy performances, poor story-telling and you have the worst movie of 2016.

What is your worst movie of 2016? Tell me in the comment section below!