‘The Mummy’ Review: The Dark Universe Is Certainly Not Alive


The Mummy is a disaster on so many levels

Universal made big waves on social media when they announced their Dark Universe – for the second time. Universal has been wanting to get in the cinematic universe game for some time now with their monster movies. Dracula: Untold was supposed to be the first one but that didn’t work well. This time around, they have Tom Cruise. However, even with Cruise as the star, the Dark Universe will need some serious necromancing after The Mummy.

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‘The Fate of the Furious’ Review: The Eighth Film Doesn’t Have Enough Absurdity To Be Entertaining

Source: Universal Pictures

The Fate of the Furious turns to character drama forgetting what made it famous in the first place

Absurdity, The Fast and Furious‘ cup of tea. We’ve all accepted the fact that these movies don’t make a lot of sense. They get out of fiery cars, rolling car crashes, and burning buildings without one scratch. It doesn’t make much sense, but we love it anyway. The fast-paced action, the head bobbing soundtrack and the cool cars are all aspects we expect to see in the latest installment. For a franchise built on such absurdity, The Fate of the Furious sure lacks of it.

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